Whether you are ready to buy your first home, transferring to the Augusta, GA, area for corporate relocation or military PCOS orders or selling your current home for a little more space – or downsizing for a little less, let Carol Doman, Meybohm Real Estate, be your guide through the real estate process.

For The Sellers:

Price Is The Most Important Item A Homeowner Controls,
The Condition Is A Close Second.

~A comparative market analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold. I perform a comparative market analysis for my clients to help them determine a price to list when selling.

~To make your home a little more attractive to potential buyers, sell faster and for more money follow these step:

This step involves creating the illusion of more space. I highly recommend having a garage sale as soon as possible.
Every area of your home requires close scrutiny. Each hour spent getting your home into showroom condition can pay big dividends. A clean smelling house creates a positive first impression in the buyer’s mind.
A rule of thumb is, if something is in need of repair, fix it!
This part of preparing your home for sale is the most fun & involves the use of accessories to emphasize the best features of your home.

Consider “Real Estate Beige”. No one really likes it, but no one really hates it either.

Place yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Pause a moment to consider the message your home is sending out. Use your sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste just as the buyer will.
The Exterior
Check your home for any needed maintenance just as the buyer would. Repaint or touch up where necessary. You can’t make a better investment when you are selling your house! Don’t let the outside turn buyers off before the inside turns them on.
The Yard
First impressions are important. If buyers like what they see from the street the home is 50% sold. The importance of “Curb Appeal” cannot be overlooked.
Living Areas

Think of these areas as if they were showrooms. Make each area generate a positive response. Add touches that make an area look inviting.

The Kitchen
This room continues to be the “heart of the home”. A pleasant working kitchen is near the top of most buyers’ list of priorities. It is the room buyers always scrutinize closely.

Make up the beds with your prettiest sheets and comforters. Maybe add a vase of flowers on the dressing table or a cozy armchair in the corner. Every bedroom in your home should invite prospective buyers to settle right in.

Sellers should take special pains when preparing their bathroom for showings. Prospects will inspect the bathrooms carefully, so be sure they are immaculate. Cleanliness is the key! Make sure that all surfaces are spotless.

For The Buyer:

Avoid Financial Stress By asking the right questions, and knowing exactly what your needs are, you can find the right loan for you.

There are certain approaches that you can take while mortgage shopping that can cost or save you money. It is still true, the better your qualifications are the lower your interest rate will be. However, there are mortgages available for almost everyone; it’s the interest rates or the down payments that vary.

Before speaking with a lender, know what monthly dollar amount you feel comfortable committing to. Then when you discuss mortgage pre-approval with your lender, it is easier for you to determine the monthly amount and what value of home the monthly amount translates into.

Do not put yourself in the position where you will be paying more each month than you intended simply because the dream home requires it. Do your research on the types of mortgages available to you and find the one that best suits your needs.

There are a number of considerations to be made in terms of finding the best mortgage for each individual:

• What type of market are you in? Are the interest rates falling or rising?

• Do you want a fixed mortgage rate, where you will always know what your payment is going to be?

• What are your long-term goals?

• Do you intend to resell the property?

• Do you only need the mortgage for a short time?

Services You Can Expect From Me As Your Buyer’s Representative

Advice & Counsel
Counseling-Explaining the home-buying process (if first-time home buyer). Assess your needs & desires to fit you and your family to the right house in the right location
Up-To-Date Information
Provide information on our local & surrounding areas to those moving from outside the area
Local Listings To Fit Your Needs

Locate property listings that best fit you, your needs & desires. Preview property until the right one is located.

Complete Market Anaylasis
Prepare and Analyze Market Analysis to make sure you are not overpaying for the property
There For You Through The Whole Process
Assist with paperwork (sales contract, special stipulations, contingencies, etc.)
Working On Your Behalf
Negotiate offers and counteroffers on your behalf